Eat Well, Love Well

Enhance Your Love Life Naturally 

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ISBN10: 1562291637
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Release Date:January 2004 

Cover: Paperback

Size:  9.2 x 6.1 x 0.4 inches 

Page Count: 144 pages


Cover Style: Vertical Portable

Publisher: Pneumalife Publishers

Subject: Youth/Religion

Treatments: 4 color, gloss laminate


Enhance Your Love Life, Naturally The hectic pace of life in the  twenty-first century leaves little room for love. Unfortunately, this  means for many married couples, they never achieve their maximum sexual  potential. This can wreck havoc on a marriage, leaving both spouses  frustrated and discouraged. Is there a way to enhance intimacy and have  an exciting sex life? Dr. Michael McCann believes he's found the secret  to a more stimulating sexlife a secret found in nutrition, herbs and  vitamins, and simple exercises. In this stimulating book, Dr. McCann,  one of the worldss foremost Christian homeopathic physicians, shows  you: Natural cures to common male and female sexual dysfunctions  Nutrition to increase sexual desire Herbal remedies to enhance intimacy  A better way to reduce stress and increase love How to balance your  body chemistry This is one of those books you'll use over and over  again, maybe even pass along to friends. At the very least, after  reading it, you'll be able to say you're having more fun, and love your  spouse more than ever.

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