Miracle Herbal Cures

Power guide for prevention and recovery

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ISBN10: 1562291661
ISBN13: 9781562291662

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Book Details:

Release Date: July 2001

Cover: Paperback

Size: 9 x 6.1 x 0.4 inches

Page Count: 172 pages

Category: Health/Fitness

Cover Style: Vertical Portable

Publisher: Pneumalife Publishers

Subject: Youth/Religion

Treatments: 4 color, gloss laminate


Dr. McCann, America's foremost naturopathic doctor, offers expert medical advice on a natural, wiser approach to health in his book, Miracle Herbal Cures. Discover the wonderful, healing power of herbs in overcoming illnesses. Learn how herbs can lead you toward living a healthy, carefree life. This comprehensive yet reader-friendly
book is written in laymen's terms and is chock full of advice and insight. Such as:

• Natural help for arthritis
• God's natural aspirin
• The miracle of licorice
• Helpful herbs for allergies
• The best herbs for anxiety
• God's natural "Prozac"
• New hope for the diabetic
• And much, much more

Miracle Herbal Cures is a guide of proven, time-tested advice. It will guide you toward living a healthy life.

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