Surviving Your Worst Fear

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Release Date: 2009

Cover: Paperback

Size: 9 x 6.1 x 0.4 inches 

Category: Christian Living

Cover Style: Vertical Portable

Publisher: Pneumalife Publishers

Subject: Religion

Treatments: 4 color, gloss laminate


Many   of us are bound by fear and don’t know why—fear of the   unknown, fear of not being loved, fear of heights, fear of dying,   fear of failure, fear of rejection. But God didn’t intend for His children   to live their lives in fear. Fear opens the door for the enemy’s attacks   on your soul. In   this candid new book, Evangelist Bonnie Baker shares the fears that   gripped her life for years, including a debilitating fear of water following   a childhood near-drowning episode. She offers the keys to divine   deliverance from every fear that keeps you bound. Yes, you can   conquer your fears!

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